O.A. & The Archivist

Author Richard Daniels and illustrator Melody Clark bring to you The Occultaria of Albion, a part work series recovered and re-published for inquisitive and exploratory minds!

This odd and occult concept was initially created as a zine series in January 2020, first releasing The Occultaria Of Albion Vol 7: The Casefile Of Low Scaraby. Since that first forray into the world of O.A, Richard has created eight instalments of The Occultaria Of Albion, the First Heptarchy comprises of the first seven releases, all released in 2020, and the first chapter of the Second Heptarchy, released in January 2021. 

As well as physical case files, The Occultaria of Albion has also unveiled an Audio Case File series. Each 20 minute episode investigates Albion's odd goings-on and is presented by the franchise's archivist, Richard Daniels. 

You can support The Occultaria Of Albion by becoming an OAKnight, the title bestowed upon O.A's patrons. With five tiers to choose from and starting at £2.50 per month, OAKnights are a vital part of the archival process, and as such, receive exclusive updates and instalments before anyone else! 

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Richard Daniels; author, performer and podcaster. Richard began writing on the back of bus tickets and sick bags, and formed a writers group that only met in graveyards at midnight. His thoughts are frequently monitored by higher intelligences from other dimensions- usually on Tuesdays. 

With this synthetic mind of his, he writes many things.; unsettling and unusual fiction in both short story and novel formats. He also writes stage plays, radio dramas. and the odd poem or two, occasionally.

In 2018 Richard founded Plastic Brain Press- an independent publisher of paperbacks and podcasts, specialising in the eccentric and the odd. Through Plastic Brain Press, in November 2018, PBP released short story collection penned by Richard Daniels, Too Dead For Dreaming, a ghastly assortment of 23 stories of weirdness, wonder and woe. 

In Spring 2017, Richard's hour-long play, The Grind House, was performed at The New Theatre Royal in Lincoln. It has since been adapted into a radio play by Sheffield Live's Write Radio, airing in April 2019. It's an other-worldly tale about aliens, poets and coffee. 

More recently, Richard's literary voyage has led him into a world of audio exploration! He produces, edits and hosts Plastic Brain Press Presents, a showcase of esoteric and eccentric poetry and fiction. In September 2019, Plastic Brain Press released Lost In The Mind Hole, a 30 minute  psychedelic poetry soundscape, which includes a piece of Richard's, Riding Rockets. Inspired and fascinated by the power of sound and its versatility, he began to sculpt tracks using synthesizers and digital editing, culminating in the release of his cosmic spoken word album, Roller Rinks Of Jupiter, in spring 2020. 
In June 2020, Richard Daniels also debuted his podcast drama series, Badger Watch, which he wrote, starred in and edited. This four-part series follows amateur photographers Roland and Sheena as they attempt to photograph the elusive British badger in a bid to win East Midland Wildlife Photographer Of The Year. 

Much of Richard's work explores the setting of Low Scaraby, a small and remote Lincolnshire village, plagued by strange occurrences and wrong-doings. Since visiting Low Scaraby as a young man, he has felt compelled to archive and record as much information about this place as possible- for cautionary measures, mostly.

Richard  has performed at many events, such as Long Division Festival, Wakefield in 2018 ,Derby's Word Wise, Spoken Weird in Halifax, and at a variety of open mic nights around the country. He is available to hire to shout at your events- he is available for festivals, concerts and christenings. 

Get in touch at richardthewriter [!at] yahoo.com 

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