The World of OA

Author Richard Daniels and illustrator Melody Phelan-Clark bring to you The Occultaria of Albion, a part work series for inquisitive minds!

Each edition of the Case File series explores a different location where hauntings, time-slips, cryptids, curses and all manner of supernatural events have occurred. It is a mystical collection of the mysterious, a broadcast from a forgotten frequency, another Albion. The OA is a world designed by torch and moonlight dedicated to revealing the truth about the paranormal.

In its various editions you will learn about such things as:
• The Lost Glove Society
• Unwitchers
•The Nihlex Corporation
• The Sinister Sisters Biker Gang
• And much more...

The Occultaria of Albion also has a podcast - The Audio Case File series. Each episode investigates Albion's more odd occurrences and is presented by the archivist, Richard Daniels. The Occultaria of Albion is available on most platforms including iTunes and Spotify. 

You can support The Occultaria Of Albion by joining the fan club and becoming an OAKnight. There are different tiers of support starting at £2.50 per month. OAKnights receive exclusive access to deeper corners of the OA world. By joining the fan club you are helping to keep OA going and expand its investigations. Find out more at: Patreon.com/occultaria 

I’m a writer, performer and podcaster. Along with the artist Melody Phelan-Clark, I have been unearthing and exploring the world of OA since early 2020. I think my work is for anyone who has a strong suspicion that beneath the veneer of the mundane there is a world that is much stranger - one that speaks to our deeper desires for fun, fear and the far-out. Due to this my thoughts are frequently monitored by higher intelligences from other dimensions, usually on Tuesdays.

My dream is to be in a position where I could start to work full-time on The Occultaria of Albion and other creative projects and eventually give up on the day job. I would like to thank anyone who has taken an interest in my work and supported me in any way. 

You can get in touch at: theoccultaria [!at] gmail.com

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