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The Immoral Guardian - Music, Counter Culture and Art magazine from the 60s to the 80s

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The Baxter Wedding - OA No. 5

Proud to have been mentioned in Bob Fischer's column in The Fortean Times

Have you seen The Goms? Find out in OA No.8

Cragsyke Bay

One of the adverts which appeared in OA. Every edition features a range of adverts for businesses up and down the country.

The Lost Glove Society have been covered by OA. They have many interesting theories on inter-dimensionality and the true nature of lost gloves.

A lost glove - perhaps used to travel inter-dimensionally...

Have you listened to the OA podcast? Available on Spotify, iTunes and most podcast places.

Nihlex - a large, international corporation. It has many nefarious fingers in a range of mysterious pies.

The Shandys and their 'cursed' single, Little Dog.

Pin badges are great!

A glowing review of Richard Daniels' short story collection, Too Dead For Dreaming, from Jim Peters of Folk Horror Revival! Available here and via Plastic Brain Press

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How do these groups have a link to the model village known as the Isle of Drumgunnan? Read Case File No.3 to find out.

Strange sex magic? Orgonauts

The makings of a powerful collection

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