Occultaria of Albion Double Badge Set - limited edition


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Limited edition square badge set from the world of the Occultaria of Albion.

1. Karswell Home Video Ident.
Legendary horror film production company, KHV, produced a range of terrifying titles over their ten years of existence, including Remains of the Harvest and of course Blood Scream I, II & III. You can pin their logo to your jacket and let people know you go gaga for the macabre!

2. Lost Glove Society
The Lost Glove Society believed that gloves were utilised by inter-dimensional beings as a means of moving between dimensions – all that was left behind after such an event was a single glove. The LGS felt that inter-dimensionality could explain a variety of phenomena, including ghosts, demons and UFOs. Wear their badge so people know you've seen the truth behind our paper thin reality!

These badges have been printed professionally by a third party, and are ready to ship straight to you! Made using high quality metal and plastic components with a steel safety pin style fastening for a strong and sturdy finish. These square badges measure 38mm x 38mm and are packed upon a backing card and will be sent within an a5 cellophane bag and paper envelope via Royal Mail's first class postage services.

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