The Occultaria of Albion Vol 9 - An Investigative Zine Into The Casefiles of Wittley Holt Station


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Writer Richard Daniels and illustrator Melody Phelan-Clark bring to you Volume 9 of The Occultaria of Albion; a part work series recovered and re-published for inquisitive and exploratory minds!

For this edition, The OA heads to Wittley Holt Station – a village in the rural midlands which until around 50 years ago had a small branch line station. The Occultaria delves deep into some of the peculiar events associated with the Wittley line: curses, cryptids, serial killers and more!

There is no buffet car on this doomed excursion – and if there were it would only be offering sandwiches of the strange! The Occultaria Of Albion uncovers and examines only the weirdest and most sinister case files, in its ongoing quest to inform and entertain.

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Written by author and archivist Richard Daniels, and designed and illustrated by artist Melody Phelan-Clark, The Occultaria of Albion is a fictitious and famed part work magazine series devoted to the weird and unusual.

This twenty-page, full colour Zine is printed professionally on 130gsm satin paper and posted within 1-3 business days via Royal Mail postage services!
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