It has been a busy time at OA HQ - finishing off the latest case File which will be out in June, as well as preparing podcast episodes and some other projects of which there will be more details very soon.

So with all this going on, as well as the day job, there hasn't been too much time to prepare a more detailed blog post.

What I ended up doing was looking back through some old folders and files on my memory stick and I found a poem I wrote - I'm not certain of when I wrote it but it was probably several months before everything that happened with Covid - so whatever the poem is about, I can definitely say it isn't about that.

Sharing a poem I've written isn't something I'd ever really consider doing, but this is a blog of my making and makings, so why not. I've even paired the poem with a photo I took so that it adds more potency and drama to the whole thing. Powerful stuff indeed.

Thanks for reading.

The next blog post will be  4th June